Monday, 6 July 2015

Product Review : 3W Clinic Fresh Collagen Mask Sheet

Another sheet mask!

This is a simple one from 3W Clinic.  I bought this in a 10 pack off RRS waaaaay back in April and it was 80% so it may depend on how long stocks last (I tried ordering another type, but they had run out when I put my order in - but today 6/7/15, they still had these masks on the website).  I wish that RRS included an ingredients list - sometimes its really hard to find the ingredient list via Google.  Same with Sasa.  Just show a photo of the ingredients even!

This was the first sheet mask that really got me into the whole "lifestyle" of sheet masking - I had used random masks here and there but this was a purposeful bulk buy so I could mask more frequently.  I think I've used around 5 of them thus far.  They're a great go-to mask if you're not sure what your face needs in terms of treatments but really want to sheet mask (like after marking 60 exams in one day).

For me, there is not distinct perfume apart from the scent I now associate with Asian Skincare (like how my "It's Skin green base" smells and my Mizon Snail Ampoule smells).  Kinda sciencey and clinical.  Which I dont mind at all.  Having said that, I have a shocking sense of smell!

I leave this on for at least 15 mins, up to 30mins. I want to find one of the Daiso silicon mask cover to see if that helps at all.  There is a generous amount of essence with the mask which I think helps with it lasting longer and not drying out quickly.  There is usually around 10mls left in the packet after taking out the mask.
As per usual I will have layered some toners and serums/ampoules before putting this on.

I love the moisture I get from this mask.  The collagen is very low on the list, so a "token" nod to collagen.  If it had been labelled as a "Hydrating Mask" probably more apt.  I think the glycerin and sodium hyaluronate do most of the hard work here.  Good thing my skin likes to drink those two ingredients up!  This is a nice mask to use in the morning as well - I wear it while I watch the morning news while I'm waking up and having my coffee (hey coffee masks...ooooh),  My skin can get ridiculously dry during the day and my makeup looks dreadful by lunchtime and I've observed on days I mask in the morning I still look decent by 3pm (end of classes).

I've got a large stash of masks I'm going through at the moment so I'm not in a hurry to repurchase.
What sheet mask got you into the "lifestyle" of sheet masking?

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